Hello, Animation!

Animation is the heart and soul of PowerPoint. Animation keeps your audience interested and focused on your key points. Animation Effects can be applied to pictures or text. A picture can have more than one Animation. For example, a baseball can fly in (Entrance) and fly out (Exit). The Animation can include sound as well. This lesson is fun, creative and playful.

Every picture tells a story. Pictures motivate your audience and focus on the message you are trying to convey. Please add one or two pictures to each slide.

Try it: Insert Pictures
Begin on Slide 2.
Go to Insert ->Illustrations->Picture.
You will be prompted to Browse for the pictures.
Add pictures to each slide.

Memo to our Readers: Our computer courses offer many sample graphics online. You can also use your own pictures if you wish.

Add Something to Animate: This presentation uses a sports metaphor to promote the message. Think about sports. There’s always something “moving on the screen” when you are watching it.

Try it: Add an Animation
The football on Slide 2 is selected.
Go to Animations ->Animation
Select: Fly In.
What Do You See, Now? By default the picture probably flies up from the bottom, and that just isn’t the right direction for a football, is it?

Keep going…

Edit the Effect Options
Each animation Effect
has options. For example, you can change the direction of the animation. A football should fly in from the top, not rise from the bottom.

Try it: Edit the Effect Options
The football on Slide 2 has the Fly In animation effect. It is selected.
Go to Animations ->Animation.
Go to Effect Options->From Top-Right.
What Do You See? The football begins in the top right corner and stops where you placed it on the slide.

I enjoy teaching this lesson yesterday at college.
Here is a YouTube video you can watch if you wish.

PowerPoint 2013 Advanced: Top 10 Reasons to Hire Me!

I hope you enjoy these tools in PowerPoint. Thanks for stopping by.

Elizabeth Nofs, the Computer Mama


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