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When something goes wrong, everyone wants to go through the data and find out what happened. The Data Tools are: Sort, Filter, Group and Subtotal. A PivotTable combines all of the best Data Tools together. A PivotTable presents the data in a visual, interactive format. PivotTables summarize, sort, compare and filter the data. A PivotTable summarizes data and displays the results. It is a reporting tool that works very well. Here is how you start.

Try This: Insert a PivotTable
This is an example of the Monthly Sales spreadsheet. Select all.

Go to Insert ->Tables.
Click on PivotTable.

OK, Try This: Choose the data

If you selected the entire Monthly Sales sheet, Excel will display the Table or Range: ‘Monthly Sales’!$A:$H  In words, that means “name of your spreadsheet” ! “all of the data in Column A through Column H.”

And Try This, Too: Where do you want to place the new PivotTable report? The choices are create a new PivotTable in a new worksheet or place it on an existing worksheet.

Select: New Worksheet.
Click OK.

That’s all it takes to create the PivotTable. The next steps are fun: working with the data. The PivotTable Field list on the right side is simple to use. Here is a YouTube video you can watch if you wish.

Microsoft Excel 2013 Advanced: PivotTables

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