Excel: Conditional Formatting on Text

Conditional Formatting is an excellent method for highlighting the Text in a spreadsheet. Each word or phrase can have different formatting for the Font and Cell Fill. This sample spreadsheet has three products: Legs, Eggs, and Pigs that are sold each day. The goal is to format each product with a different color. Here are the steps.

Try This: Use Conditional Formatting to Format Cells Based on Text
Select Column B, the one with the products.
Go to Home ->Styles.
Go to Conditional Formatting.
Go to Highlight Cell Rules.
Select: Text that Contains…

You will be prompted to enter the Text you want to format. You can choose one of the built-in options if you wish. You can also click on Custom and select the Font and Cell formatting.

Please repeat these steps for each different word or phrase you want to format. In this example, these are three rules: one for Legs, one for Eggs, and another for Pigs.

That should work. Please let me know if I answered your question.
Thanks, eBeth

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Here is a YouTube video that shows more options:

Microsoft Excel 2013 Advanced: Tables Work for Me!

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