Working with Block Quotes in Word


There are two ways of handing Paragraphs in Microsoft Word:

The Paragraph options on the Home Ribbon format the Text. This Group has Bullets, Numbers, Indents and Line Spacing.

The Paragraph options on the Layout Ribbon format the margins and adjusts the space between the paragraphs.

Block formatting is used in business letters to call out important information. The APA also requires Block Quote formatting for any quote greater than 40 words.

Here is the formatting on a Block paragraph:

  • Text is aligned left. The Line Spacing is single.
  • The Spacing between paragraphs is double.
  • The Block paragraph is indented 1” from the page margin

There is an excellent explanation at this link:

Create a Block Quote

Here are the steps to create a Block Quote in Microsoft Word.
A sample document is open.

Try it: Format the Paragraph.

Select a Paragraph.
Go to Home->Paragraph->Line Spacing.
Select 1.0 (This means single spaced).

Go to Home->Paragraph->Align Left.
Confirm the Alignment is Left.

Go to Home->Paragraph->Line Spacing.
Confirm the Line Spacing is 1.0
(Single spacing between all of the lines in the paragraph)
Do not add any extra Spacing, please.

2. Now, Try This: Edit the Spacing Between Paragraphs
The paragraph is still selected.
Go to Layout->Paragraph-> Spacing.
After: 12 pt (Double spaced between the paragraphs)

Finally, Try This: Create a Block Quote
Go to Layout->Paragraph-> Indent.
Edit the Left Indent: 1.0 “.

What Do You See? The paragraph is formatted as a Block.

That’ll work. Good question. Thanks for asking.

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