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Who Can Benefit from these Lessons: You! This program is for you if you are an office worker, manager, entrepreneur, or other professional who wants to start using advanced Microsoft Office skills immediately. This program is also suitable for you if you are looking to learn about this software and expand your job possibilities.

Our Course Catalogue

Access 2013 Beginning 

  • Understand the purpose of Tables and how they are used
  • Edit the Form Properties to help Users navigate  and enter data
  • Learn how to use Queries to lookup records in the Tables
  • Use Query Criteria and Parameter Queries to select specific records
  • Learn how to design and modify Reports

Access 2013 Intermediate 

  • Use Forms and Subform that represent a one-to-many relationship
  • Use Forms and Subforms to create a Search Form
  • Create a Switchboardthat opens Forms and Reports
  • Use a Query to calculate the Total in a Report

Access 2013 Advanced 

  • Learn how to create relationships between Tables using Key data
  • Understand Primary Keys and Relationships
  • Create a Report and Subreport to calculate the totals
  • Learn strategies for Archiving data using Action Queries
  • Optimize a database for Multi-Users

Excel 2013 Beginning 

  • How to enter data and format cells and apply number formats
  • Practice how to create formulas and audit the cell references
  • Learn how to represent data as Charts
  • Use pictures and graphics

Excel 2013 Intermediate 

  • Use Relative and Absolute values and audit the formulas
  • Use and modify TEXT, DATE and FINANCIAL formulas
  • Create, use and  use Named Ranges in formulas
  • Create and use Lookup Tables and use the IF functions

Excel 2013 Advanced 

  • Analyze data visually with a PivotChart.
  • Create a PivotChart and Show the Field List.
  • Edit the Value Field Settings.
  • Filter the data in the PivotChart.
  • Edit the Chart Layouts.

PowerPoint 2013 Beginning 

  • Learn PowerPoint basics: Entering text in presentations
  • Know how to work with Text Boxes, Format Shapes and apply Themes
  • Insert, format and adjust Pictures with the Picture Tools
  • Insert and format Shapes and SmartArt to create an effective presentation
  • Practice how to create Photo Albums and change the View

PowerPoint 2013 Advanced 

  • Use Tables and Spreadsheets to display data in a presentation.
  • Edit Charts with the Chart Tools and Quick Clicks.
  • Learn how to design Slide Masters and apply slide Transitions.
  • Apply Animations to images in a slide show and edit the timing.
  • Add videos to a PowerPoint presentation and trim the media.
  • Practice Delivering Presentations with the Presenter’s Tools.

Outlook 2013 Complete 

  • Design professional E-mail using Themes and images
  • Track and respond to messages
  • Manage the Inbox with Rules and Quick Steps
  • Create appointments, meetings and tasks
  • Plan and collaborate online

 Word 2013 Beginning

  • Format Text and Paragraphs
  • Get skilled at working with Text and Pictures
  • Gain experience editing images and shapes with the Picture Tools
  • Learn how to create and format SmartArt and QuickParts


 Word 2013 Intermediate

  • Create a professional newsletter that includes graphics and charts
  • Use Templates to create documents and resumes
  • Create a Mail Merge that sends a personalized invitation to each recipient
  • Create a Web Page that uses a Table for consistent layout
  • Use Microsoft Word Online

 Word 2013 Advanced

  • Learn effective methods for creating and formatting Tables
  • Understanding Font Styles and how to edit the Styles
  • Format Headers and Footers, and References
  • Use the Developers Tools in Microsoft Word to create interactive forms
  • Use Proofing Tools and Track Changes

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