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Creating Videos with PowerPoint

Using Built-In Software

Microsoft PowerPoint has several options for sharing presentations including handouts and videos. The Microsoft video has good quality. However, the process is limited. In this process, all of the work must be correct before you click on the Export button.

Where Have We Seen This Before? Clicking PRINT does not make your document better. Keep going…

Camtasia Recording

Using Add-In Software: Camtasia

One of the really useful Add-In products for creating videos is Camtasia, by Tech Smith. It is a good video editor that works well with Microsoft PowerPoint. You can download a free 30-day demo version if you want to try it.  When you install Camtasia, several tools will be added to PowerPoint on the Add-Ins Ribbon.

Here is a video I posted on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/iscfDLCt_AQ Hello Camtasia

Cheers! eBeth

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You Are Invited

Microsoft Outlook: Using Tables to Format a Message

The first objective of an email campaign is to create brand awareness: “Who sent this message?” The design tools in Microsoft Outlook can generate effective messages. For example, your message can include pictures of products and Word documents that explain the features and benefits. The second objective is to invite the recipient to act: “Click here to get started! “

Outlook Invitation https://www.quora.com/What-is-an-example-of-an-RSVP-email

This email can be saved as Template and used as part of a Mail Merge with Microsoft Word. You can also program the Rules in Outlook to send this email automatically based on your key words or criteria.

Here is the answer I posted on Quora. This lesson will show how to create an email message that invites someone to take an online course.


Good Question. I had fun writing this post. eBeth

Elizabeth Nofs, the Computer Mama

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How Do You Compare Two Documents?

Microsoft Word: Review and Compare Documents

When many people work together, there may be problems with different versions of the same document as it is edited in different offices. How do you compare two documents? How do you combine different versions?

Here is a video on YouTube that shows these steps and more:


So, Did it Work? These tools should be very useful as you compare and review your documents. Please let me know if I answered your question.


Elizabeth Nofs, the Computer Mama

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Lights, Camera, Action!

Microsoft Access Action Queries

Action Queries can change the data in the Tables. For example, an Update Query can find any movie released before the year 2000 and set the rental price.

The other Action Queries include Append (add more Records), Delete (subtract Records), and Make Table (Copy the Records from a Query into a new Table.)

Action Queries simplify the task of archiving the old movies.

I have a video on YouTube that shows these steps:


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Please consider my course on UDEMY, The Beginning Guide to Microsoft Access. This course is free.

The Beginning Guide to Microsoft Access 2013 – Udemy

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Equations in Word

Hello, Equation Tools! At long last, Word has a whole Ribbon of Tools for writing and editing Equations. This post will introduce the new Ribbon.

Before You Begin: A new, blank document is open.

Insert Equations: Creating math symbols as you type is very useful. You can also insert and edit equations in Microsoft Word 2013.

1. Try This: Find the Equations
Go to Insert-> Symbols->Equation. Click on the drop-down arrow on the right.

What Do You See? There should be a list of equations including the Area of a Circle, Binomial Theorem and, yes indeed, it is the Pythagorean Theorem for triangles.

2. Try This, Too: Insert A New Equation
Go to Insert-> Symbols->Equation.
Click on Insert New Equation.
Click OK.

3. What Do You See? There should be a new Equation Block that you can edit.

What Else Do You See?The Equation Tools include: Tools Symbols Structures

4. Try This: Review the Equation Ribbon
Go to Equation Tools-> Design->Structures.

What Do You See? Many of the math and business symbols can be found in the Symbols.  The Structures enable you to document Fractions, Script, Radicals, Integrals, Bracket, Function, Accent, Limit and Log, Operator, and Matrix. Way cool new Ribbon.

Math AutoCorrect Options

Earlier, we reviewed the Math Equations. Many professions use mathematical symbols in reports and documentation. Prior to Microsoft Office 2007, you had to Insert a Symbol and select a letter from a set of Fonts named Dingbats or Symbols.

How Did We Get Here?

The Word Options are open. Proofing is selected. Go to the top of the Proofing page. Click AutoCorrect Options… Try it: Find the Math AutoCorrect Options  When the AutoCorrect window opens, select the Math AutoCorrect Tab.


Math AutoCorrect has an extensive list of text for math, chemistry and engineering. This list is adaptable, too. You can add or edit your own entries, same as with AutoCorrect.

Look for the check box to Use Math AutoCorrect outside of the math regions. This is an important option if you wish to type formulas and equations.

Extra Points if you can identify this math calculation tool, above

That’ll work. Good question. Thanks for asking.


Elizabeth Nofs, the Computer Mama

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Microsoft SWAY: Almost Useful

Microsoft, did anyone test the User Interface of the new SWAY product? I appreciate some of the programming but Yikes! what a difficult program to use. All in the name of “Making it Simple.”

Please click on the image to see our SWAY tutorial.
Let me know what you think.
Thanks, eBeth

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Working with Block Quotes in Word

Create a Block Post in Word

There are two ways of handing Paragraphs in Microsoft Word:

The Paragraph options on the Home Ribbon format the Text. This Group has Bullets, Numbers, Indents and Line Spacing.

The Paragraph options on the Layout Ribbon format the margins and adjusts the space between the paragraphs.

Block formatting is used in business letters to call out important information. The APA also requires Block Quote formatting for any quote greater than 40 words.

Here is the answer on Quora:


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